Apr 05, 2015

Beauty Judge for ‘Asia’s Model Festival’

For any artist, it is a privilege to be felicitated as a judge. It empowers one to think that one can bring about a significant change. When Pune hosted the famous ‘Asia Model Festival 2015’ with ‘Face of India’ contest in April, 2015; an event organized by the prestigious Pune Fashion Week in association with Korea Model Association, Amrit Kaur was felicitated as a beauty judge where she evaluated the participants in respect to how they carried themselves and the level of confidence that they exhibited on stage and while interacting with the judges. On the judging committee, the panel constituted of other renowned names like Mr.Lim Joo Wan: Vice Chairman- Korea Model Association, Mr.Badal Saboo - Managing Director of Pune Fashion Week, Abhyang Kuvalekar: Actor, Director, Choreographer,Sameer Belvarkar; a very known fashion photographer and other delegates.

The event also saw Nivedita Saboo, one of the most prestigious designers in India, showcasing her collection at the Asia Model Awards.